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Innovative and Aggressive Commission Platform for Medicare Professionals

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About Medicare
marketing Group

MMG is a leading FMO for Medicare professionals offering a unique commissions platform that provides immediate cash-flow for self-funded growth. Research shows the lifetime value of policies is shrinking due to the rise in available policy options for beneficiaries and increased competition from an influx of new agencies entering the Medicare space. MMG enables agents to unlock the potential lifetime value of their commissions upfront to reinvest in marketing, payroll, and technology to grow quickly and sustainably while maintaining healthy cash flow.

Overcoming Shrinking Lifetime Values and Cancellation Rates

MMG’s leadership team founded multiple agencies that actively enroll a combined 2,500+ Medicare advantage and supplement policies per month – we’ve suffered firsthand from the consequences a renewal commissions model has on cash-flow for achieving growth. By receiving the same commissions upfront that might otherwise be earned over 3-5 years, we brought marketing in-house, built our own Agency Management System, and invested in higher agent compensation to double sales across our agencies in 90 days. These agencies continue to thrive on this same business model today.

Average LTV’s of Medicare Policies Reported by Major Insurance Providers.

Med Advantage Med Supplement
Go Health $987 $934
eHealth $1168 $1274
$898 $1071
Average $1017 $1093

*Data provided by company 10-Q filings with SEC (November 2020).

Invest in Your Growth by Selling Blocks of Business.

MMG is backed by significant financial resources allowing us to support our partners in various ways including purchasing blocks of business that allow you to reinvest in growth immediately. This allows you to quickly deploy resources for investing in critical assets needed for catapulting your business to the next level.

What Type Of Support Does MMG Offer?

MMG’s mission is to pay agents the highest compensation possible to provide you with the freedom to invest in whatever tools and services you choose to grow your business. We provide agents full onboarding, back-office support, sales, and compliance training (if requested) in addition to a secure state-of-the-art commissions portal where you can track your production and payments in real-time using business intelligence technology.

Build a Business Investors Want to Buy

Instead of building a book of business, you’re building a thriving sales organization we have investors interested in buying. With 10,000+ Americans turning 65 every day and an estimated 80 million beneficiaries by 2030, there is a growing appetite for investors seeking to enter the Medicare market. These investors are becoming less and less interested in groups built on servicing an existing book of policies with a shrinking lifetime value than those who can consistently acquire new clients with marketing and sales processes. At MMG, we’re backed by many of those investors and can help bring your business to market.